The Grande Art Museum is located at 319 West Third Street on the corner of Third and Maricopa Streets. The building was built in 1929 by Gus Kratzka as the family residence. It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The building has a rusticated concrete exterior and includes several features that made the summer heat more bearable for the retired banker and his wife. 

The house was purchased and opened as The Casa Grande Art Museum by the Friends of the Arts, Inc., in 1987. The Friends of Arts have lovingly restored the building, funded in part, by grants administrated by the City of Casa Grande.  The Sculpture Garden, which surrounds the house, is filled with works by Arizona artists, donated by A. Thomas Cole, founding member of The Friends of the Arts.  


  David A Fitzgibbons, III
  President / Secretary
  Dan Mace  Treasurer
  Carol Fairrington  Member
  Marie McGregor   Member
  Jeanette Rhodes  Member
  Regis Sommers  Member
  Bob Spille  Member
  Russell Stephenson  Member
  Vicki Sutera  Member

Casa Grande Art Museum